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CONGRATULATIONS, your offer to purchase was accepted!

Ernest Money Check

Your earnest money must be deposited with your selected title company within 3 days (unless the default timeframe was changed). You can submit a personal check, cashier's check or money order payable to the title company OR we can send you a request to submit electronically (an ACH bank transfer) via TrustFunds. NOTE: The use of TrustFunds does have a $8 fee when submitting.

This money will be deposited immediately and will clear your bank. It will be applied, as a credit, towards your down payment and/or closing costs at closing.

If you are obtaining a loan to purchase, we will provide your lender with a copy of your sale contract immediately following acceptance. You will want to contact the lender to confirm if they have all of the necessary documentation from you to proceed with processing your loan.

Some lenders will require that you provide payment for the appraisal, which they will handle ordering.

Please stay in touch with your lender throughout the process and respond to any requests as soon as possible.

If you have an inspection contingency within your contract, you will have 10 days (unless the default timeframe was changed) to have inspections completed for the property.

Here is a list of the most common inspections:

  • Home/Building: The most common test performed, a general building inspection covers all of the major components of the home
  • Termite: A termite inspector looks for termites, other wood-destroying pests or any uncorrected damage
  • Gas: When there is gas service to a home, gas inspection takes a deeper dive into any gas appliance in the home, as well as complete a pressure test of the gas leaks in search of any leaks
  • Radon: Placed in the lowest livable area of a home (generally a basement) for approximately 48-72 hours, a radon test measures the average level of radon gas (pCi/L) within that area
  • Sewer: A sewer lateral camera inspection will access the condition of the inside of the underground sewer line from under the home and out to the city main
  • Mold: This is an air quality test that measures and compares environmental contaminants inside vs outside of the home

You may hire any inspection company that you would like. If you are in search of a recommendation, we often use and recommend Jeff Binsbacher or Brandon Coldwell with Crossroads Home Inspections*. From their website, you can select the date & time of your inspection(s), the inspector and which inspection(s) you would like to have performed.

Unless your contract was modified, after those inspections, you will have three options to select:

  1. You are satisfied with the inspections and remove your inspection  contingency
  2. You are unsatisfied with the inspections and elect to terminate the contract
  3. You wish to request repairs, credits and/or price adjustments, which will then allow a new 10 day period (unless the default timeframe was changed) to negotiate and reach an agreement with the seller

*Crossroads Home Inspections offers a military discount to all active members and Veterans of 10% off your home inspection fee

We will provide a full closing packet to your selected title company. They will complete a title search to verify what needs to be done to provide clear, unencumbered title for your closing.

A survey can be ordered and performed to identify the boundaries for the property that you are purchasing, as well as note existing easements and any encroachments affecting the property.

While a survey is not a requirement, we encourage one with every purchase. In most areas, we recommend ordering through Cardinal Surveying.

If the seller is not providing you with a home warranty as part of the terms of your contract, you have the option to purchase one for yourself.

The home warranty that we recommend is American Home Shield.

If you are obtaining a loan, in most cases, your lender will require an appraisal be performed by a certified appraiser.

If an Appraisal Rider was attached to your sales contract then your offer is contingent upon the property appraising for the agreed upon sales price or greater. Should the appraisal not support ...

Real Home Connections is a FREE service that can assist you in setting up utility services for your home.

Within 4 days of closing, you will have the right to complete a final walk-through of the home. At the final walk-through, we should expect the home to be in the same basic condition as when you contracted and that agreement upon repairs have been completed.

Please NOTE: a home is NOT required to be vacant at your final walk-through but must be vacant by the time you take possession of your home.

UST - Keys
LIVE Van CutOut

CONGRATULATIONS, you and closed and moving day has arrived!

If you would find the use of our Cargo Van helpful to you in your move, please reach out and reserve a date to use it, FREE OF CHARGE...reservations are first-come, first-served.

The driver must be 25 years old or older with a valid driver's license and insurance card.